IT Programmer Specialists wanted (PHP || JAVA)
  • Update:

    Friss információ, hogy a fenti kódot csak a PHP Specialist pozícióra jelentkezőknek kell megoldaniuk.

    A JAVA specialista pozícióra jelentkezők kérjük, hogy küldjék el önéletrajzukat a címre (ez nem az a cím, ami a kódban szerepel).

    Köszönöjük és elnézést a kései információért.

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  • The Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (ICST), the leading European ICT society dedicated to sponsoring ICT related research, innovation, business, technologies and their advancement in all sectors of society, is looking for:

    ** IT Programmer Specialist **

    General Description:

    To support its expansion in Budapest, ICST is looking for a well organized, energetic and responsible IT Specialist. Reporting directly to the head of IT, the persons will be responsible for the programming and lifecycle of development projects (web-based applications, portals, databases etc.)

    Professional Skills:

    - 2+ years of professional experience with PHP programming language in a corporate web development environment - in case of PHP SPECIALIST
    - And/or 2+ years of professional experience with JAVA programming language in a corporate web development environment – in case of JAVA SPECIALIST
    - Experience with object oriented programming and modular development
    - Knowledge of MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML and versioning systems (SVN, CVS)
    - Linux and Windows OS operational knowledge
    - Fluency in written and spoken English

    Personal Skills:

    - Proactive and solution orientated
    - A team player, but also capable of handling major tasks independently
    - Good self-organizing skills
    - Ability to work under time and tasks pressure, and to deliver on projects according to pre-set deadlines

    Advantages (not mandatory):

    - Experience in AGILE development
    - Experience with either AJAX , Flash, ActionScript, CMSMs, E107
    - Good professional knowledge of both PHP and JAVA languages
    - Experience with the following is an advantage: Apache, Tomcat, programming in a high-availablity environment
    - Security-sensitiveness: literated in computer security concepts, develops keeping in mind the system security issues.
    - Experience in Linux / UNIX / Windows system administration

    ICST offers:

    - Work on interesting and different IT development projects
    - An interesting, independent and challenging position in a worldwide prestigious organization
    - Work in an international environment with opportunities to travel abroad
    - Competitive compensation package including performance based incentives

    Place of work: Budapest with worldwide travel. For more information about our organization please visit


    Applicants are requested to send a detailed C.V. in English to the address which you can get by decrypting the following $string:

    String to decode: $string="|80%Y~TJp_#3tsv}J3P~}z";
    Encryption key: $key="asfknsdgisndglsknfad";

    The bellow PHP class was used to create the above encryption. In order to apply to the jobad above, you must write the $this->decode($key,$string) function for this class and use the key and the encrypted string above to get the email address to submit your CV to. Submit your solution together with your jobad. Please note that this email address which we encrypted here is a special case where we expect only the solvers of this issue to apply, and not the general recruitment address of ICST where we look for regular candidates.

    Also, please be so kind and do not post solutions of this problem on public places, because in that case everyones application will immediately be disqualified, regardless of solution.

    Thank you for considering our opportunity. Please find the problem bellow, and we wish you happy problem-solving and a successful application:

    class ec_class { var $scr1; var $scr2; var $errors; var $adj; var $mod; function ec_class () { $this->scr1 = '! #$%&()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>?@ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[]^_`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz{|}~'; $this->scr2 = 'f^jAE]okIOzU[2&q1{3`h5w_794p@6s8?BgP>dFV=m D<TcS%Ze|r:lGK/uCy.Jx)HiQ!#$~(;Lt-R}Ma,NvW+Ynb*0X'; if (strlen($this->scr1) <> strlen($this->scr2)) { trigger_error('** SCR1 is not same length as SCR2 **', E_USER_ERROR); } // if $this->adj = 1.75; $this->mod = 3; } // constructor function encrypt ($key, $source, $sourcelen=0) { $this->errors = array(); $ffactor = $this->_ccKey($key); if ($this->errors) return; if (empty($source)) { $this->errors[] = 'No value for encryption'; return; } // if while (strlen($source) < $sourcelen) { $source .= ' '; } // while $target = NULL; $ff2 = 0; for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($source); $i++) { $char1 = substr($source, $i, 1); $num1 = strpos($this->scr1, $char1); if ($num1 === false) { $this->errors[] = "Source contains invalid character ($char1)"; return; } // if $adj = $this->_applyFF($ffactor); $ff1 = $ff2 + $adj; $num2 = round($ff1) + $num1; $num2 = $this->_cRng($num2); $ff2 = $ff1 + $num2; $char2 = substr($this->scr2, $num2, 1); $target .= $char2; } // for return $target; } // encrypt function _ccKey ($key) { if (empty($key)) { $this->errors[] = 'No value supplied for the encryption key'; return; } // if $array[] = strlen($key); $tot = 0; for ($i = 0; $i < strlen($key); $i++) { $char = substr($key, $i, 1); $num = strpos($this->scr1, $char); if ($num === false) { $this->errors[] = "Key contains an invalid character ($char)"; return; } // if $array[] = $num; $tot = $tot + $num; } // for $array[] = $tot; return $array; } // _ccKey function _applyFF (&$ffactor) { $fde = array_shift($ffactor); $fde = $fde + $this->adj; $ffactor[] = $fde; if (!empty($this->mod)) { if ($fde % $this->mod == 0) { $fde = $fde * -1; } // if } // if return $fde; } function _cRng ($num) { $num = round($num); $limit = strlen($this->scr1); while ($num >= $limit) { $num = $num - $limit; } // while while ($num < 0) { $num = $num + $limit; } // while return $num; } function decrypt ($key, $source) { ////////////// ////////////// THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST WRITE!! ////////////// } // decrypt } // end ec_class
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