Senior Full Stack developer állás - kanadai startup

Senior Full Stack developer állás - kanadai startup
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    Lemaradt a fizetési sáv: $5-6000/month.
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    Egy kanadai startuphoz keresünk web - full stack fejlesztőt. A backend technológia már készen van, viszont a frontenden még sok a feladat. Az állás teljesen remote, full time, a fizetés havonta fix, USA dollárban.

    Job Summary
    Much of your time will be spent developing UI/UX and integrating it into the back end services using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Web Assembly (using vugu/GO), with our guidance.  In addition, you will work to extend the core automation engine to generate as much of the UI/UX as possible without manual intervention.  This will be a continuously evolving set of capabilities, which will initially support our stack, but over time you will automate code generation for other UI technologies including Angular, React, VUE as well as the various flavours of mobile, (IOS and Android native) down the road.
    Depending on your interest and skill set, you will also have the opportunity to work on other aspects of the full stack, including all server components, databases (we are using Mongo at the moment but can also support many others on our platform simultaneously), security model (home grown and the most secure SaaS Multi-tenant model we know of), cloud configuration and deployment (Docker, Kubernetes and AWS).

    Job Responsibilities
    If you ever wanted to work in a start-up and get in early, this might be your chance. We are a small team, but we get a lot done and we will be looking to you to pitch in everywhere (literally).  We expect the team to grow over the coming months.

    Skill Requirements


    You are fluent, both verbally and in writing in English.
    You have a minimum of 7+ years of relevant experience. 
    You have knowledge of, and experience with, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript.  You can also program in a structured language such as C++, C# , Java or Go.
    You are willing and able to learn Go (which is our primary server side language), vugu and Web Assembly as well as all of the other technologies we will be using (or autogenerating code for).
    You are willing to learn best practices in DevOps, Software Architecture at Scale, Microservice Architecture and generally how to build great software at Enterprise Scale.

    Nice To Have: 
    Existing knowledge and experience with the Go language is preferred.

    Application Details:
    Please send resume and cover letter, along with your salary expectations, directly to careers [at] proceve [dot] com
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