Távmunka, USA, ASP, MSS SQL
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  • MSS SQL/ ASP CLASSIC developer wanted!
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    We are an American fast growing tech startup, whose plan is to conquer the world with our financial software. To achieve this, we are looking for enthusiastic ASP.NET developers who could join to our new Budapest team.

    Are you ready to implement your own ideas to live projects immediately?
    Are you crazy passionate about writing queries?
    Are you infatuated by numbers and quick results?
    You can not live without fast feedback and transparency?

    If your answer is yes, we give you a free-hand in coding live projects, and you can apply your ideas straightaway.

    We can work together, If you are a pro’ in:
    • MS SQL

    Good to have:
    if you have any experience in Python, VB Script, JavaScript, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

    It would be nice if:
    • You speak English as we do
    • You can work independently
    • You can also work in remote teams across the globe
    • Numbers and results are your best friends
    • You have the eagerness to self-development and learn continuously
    • You can find coherency in everything
    • The problem solving is your perversion
    • You communicate well and not afraid to ask
    • You are comfortable in reverse engineering

    In this fast paced environment, we could offer you:
    • Creative, challenging projects
    • Continuous learning
    • Competitive salary
    • Flexible working hours
    • Remote working, whenever and wherever you want
    • If you are an over achiever, we benefit you to work from our Headquarter: Florida /USA/

    If you are interested, please send your CV to: asp.jobs@inidea.consulting
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