Python Django developer for long term project

Python Django developer for long term project
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  • We are looking for a developer to work remotely together with a highly skilled yet very pragmatic and flexible Hungarian, Russian and German developers on building a linked-in-style social platform using Django, Meteor, RESTful and pretty much any frameworks and open standards that seems practical to accomplisch the goal.

    Have a read through this list. You do not have to fulfil all requirements. >60% is already good.

    - more than two years Python
    - has done a project with Django or any other Python-Framework ( a plus if you have experience with Meteor)
    - has done a project where RESTful API played a key role (eve)
    - Postgresql

    - Intensive ECMAScript-experience, for example jQuery, AngularJS
    . Interested in open standards
    - Interested in new frameworks and flexible at implementing them
    - HTML5

    - Can show something on GitHub ?
    - bzr, git
    - npm, Bower, Makefile or other Package-Management
    - UNIX-Bash

    You can work remotely and we keep in touch through Skype

    And thank you for your application. I want to find the right people for the development team and, since this is a long term project, I am taking some time in finding out more details.
    So I have some questions for you:

    1. Would you prefer working on the backend, frontend or the combination of both?

    2. For backend:
    Which aspects of Django have you worked with and in what depth?
    - Migration
    - REST Framework
    - GIS
    - Elastic Search
    - Django non-relational or any other extension worth mentioning?

    3. For Frontend:
    - Please describe your experience with ECMAScript/JavaScript and briefly describe two interesting projects that you have worked on.
    - Do you have any expereice with ECMAScript 5 and 6 and/or are you interested in gaining some?
    - On what level do you master frameworks like AngularJS, React, Ember oder Backbone? Any references would help.
    - Our project facilitates Polymer and we value open standards like HTML5 and Web Components. Are you gernerally interested in that and why?

    4. What did you study (if at all, don't worry if you didn't, some of the best developlers I have met did not sturdy) and what's your name on github (if any)?

    5. Optional bonus question:
    We are running a Django-based news portal with individual user accounts and would like to add a buddy/friendship-feature (like facebook/linkedin)
    Would you use an existing package? If so, which of the ones listed on Django Packages : Social would you pick. Would you embed it as dependancy or fork it?

    Thanks for taking the time. Your public profiles (, LinkedIn, Stackoverflow etc.) as well as a possibility to contact you (Skype) would also help.

    email: root [@] lineo . hu
    skype: lineomagyarorszag
    Mutasd a teljes hozzászólást!
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