Salesforce programmer, Android developer
  • We are seeking several amazing developers for a full-time and long-term position on our development team in London. While our core product is being rolled out for our clients, we would like to hire individuals who would help us cater to their specific requirements and customizations, and create new features for future versions of our apps or server products.
    We are a very dynamic workplace - and although every company would call itself that, our work methods allow employees to be very flexible. Meetings are held online, working at the office is optional most of the time, and your personal needs are valued.

    Don't live in the UK? We also accept developers who work from home in Europe! All we ask is that you let us fly you here a few times a year for training and meetings.

    Experienced in both Salesforce and Android development for at least 3 years. Strong Java skills, Apex code, and Visualforce. Bonus: experience in iOS, Javascript, or web development.
    Able to communicate clearly in English, both written and verbal.
    BSc in Computer Science or similar/better. If you do not hold a degree, but consider yourself an amazing developer nonetheless, you will get your chance to prove it.
    Understand APIs, basic internet communication security, sessions, the difference between GET and POST, request and response encoding (JSON, XML, raw).
    Able to write code tests and documentation for their work.
    Able to come to the UK for training and meetings for a few days every 2-3 months (we pay for travel costs).
    We always appreciate like-minded people who live technology. If you follow the trends on Bluetooth and NFC, know what the next Android version is going to be called, and can explain the big differences between a tablet with an Atom processor and a Core i3 processor, then we strongly welcome you to apply!

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