Javascript developer position (client-side / NodeJS)
  • Secret Sauce Partners, Inc. is looking for JavaScript developers, with Node.js and client-side experience to design and build scalable APIs and web widgets.

    Let's talk if:

    You've used Node.js and are familiar with it's package ecosystem (NPM).

    - Bonus point: you published a project to NPM (module, library, etc) or contributed to one
    - You've built cross-browser client-side stuff before
    - Bonus point: you covered it with tests
    - Bonus point: if it is a third-party javascript library

    You understand the similarities and differences between relational, semi-structured and unstructured data models, and you can apply these concepts regardless of the tool used to store, query or analyze data.

    - Bonus point: you've used MongoDB or Redis before
    - Bonus point: you've used PostgreSQL after some dates going nowhere with MySQL
    - C-C-C-Combo breaker: you've used tools built on top of Hadoop and it's ecosystem

    You know about design patterns and have a strong opinion on how to write and refactor code that makes everyone smile.

    - Bonus point: you can apply the patterns in a JavaScript context

    You are open to learn and you know that different programming languages are just means to an end and not the subjects of zealotry. So, when you have to dig into something else than JavaScript, you consider it an opportunity to learn, not an annoying chore to be a source of personal discontent.

    - Bonus point: projects, prototypes, stupid ideas, a-bit-more-advanced-than-hello-world gists in multiple languages
    - Bonus point: strong, but objective opinion about multiple languages, what you like and dislike in them, where you would consider using them and why.

    Especially if you would love to:

    Work for a flat, fast-paced tech company, without the usual bullshit and büro politics, where your opinion matters and there are people who actually listen if you have something to say.

    Be part of a team that is reshaping the way people buy stuff online in the US and Europe (for now).

    Our office is in Budapest, downtown. A short, 1 min walk from Astoria.

    Contact me with your CV or LinkedIn profile at:
    If you have a Github or Bitbucket profile to share, all the better!
    Mutasd a teljes hozzászólást!