#developerhackers wanted !

#developerhackers wanted !
  • #developerhackers wanted. We are looking for new peeps to join our developer team into Budapest office.

    We are looking for peeps to join our creative developer team!
    Are you dreaming of PHP/.NET shoosh for the last two years? When people talk about different stuff your mind immediately associates it with cutting edge developement? Are you a performance-freak? Then, we got something you gonna love, it's called a sick career, traveling opportunities and an awesome crowd.

    Interested? This is what we'd like you to bring to the party:

    - rock solid knowledge of PHP5 and/or .NET4 (C#)
    - 2+ years of experience with applied language
    - relational database management (MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, Postgres)
    - familiarity with object-oriented programming
    - vast knowledge and experience of everything digital
    - get things done!
    - fluency in English

    But having some of these will make the party even better :)

    - Zend, MySQL, Microsoft certificates
    - familiarity with CMS solutions like Sitecore and various other
    - solid knowledge of mobile development, Facebook, Google, Youtube and Foursquare APIs
    - javascript programming experience
    - precise documentation

    What we offer

    - planned progress in your career
    - frequently evaluations, feedbacks
    - international project opportunities even with on-site present possibilities
    - pro and most helpful developer group what you can learn from every day
    - challenging short and long projects
    awesome office to work in
    - top notch work-life balance

    Apply to: job@carnationgroup.com
    About us: CarnationGroup - digital.creative.curious.
    Mutasd a teljes hozzászólást!
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