UNIX & Web Application Developer
  • Joobiliis a new Travel startup that is looking for talented UNIX developers of various levels that will be able to help us with our ongoing development of Joobili.com products. Candidates should have 5+ years experience using and administrating UNIX and 3+ years of Java, Python or Ruby on a UNIX platform with significant programming experience in general.

    The candidate should understand Agile development techniques but also be able to understand working in a tight development environment and should also understand and adhere to project management and release management disciplines.

    Key tasks of this role will be:

    o Development of the Joobili site adding new features and working on new Joobili technologies.
    o Ability to perform System Administration tasks and UNIX server maintenance
    o Provide support to the business on ad-hoc (but crucial) tasks.
    o Provide support to the existing Joobili Java web application

    Relevant Key skills (not all are required for this role):

    - Significant programming experience in one or more Object Orientated languages
    - Java Web Development
    - Python Programming experience
    - Ruby Programming experience
    - Experience of a Python web framework such as Django or a Ruby web framework such as Rails.
    - Experience of PostgreSQL or MySQL SQL server applications
    - In depth UNIX or Linux experience
    - Experience of NGINX, Lighttpd or Apache 2.x
    - Exposure and understanding of the Jython or Jruby programming environment is an advantage
    - Understanding of XML, SOAP and other data interchange techniques
    - Experience in Perl, Ruby or PHP Scripting is also advantageous
    - Software development life cycle methodologies
    - A keen interest in Web 2.0+ technologies
    - An interest in Travel and Tourism

    If you are interested in this position please send your CV and salary requirements to jobs@joobili.com
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