Lead Test Engineer
  • Lead Test Engineer
    I am looking for a

    Lead Test Engineer

    who will be responsible for managing a team of test engineers.

    The role:

    Managing and training production test engineers and technicians.
    Leading the development and introduction of complete testing systems (test machines, test programs) for different electronic products.
    Active troubleshooting and technical support for daily production.
    Increasing the yield and reducing the number of rejects.
    Continuous maintenance and improvement of testing processes.
    Daily communication with other leaders both in English and Hungarian.

    The Requirements (higher weighting more important):

    10: University or College degree in Engineering (preferably Electrical Engineering or IT).
    10: At least 6 years experience in manufacturing.
    10: Knowledge of production testing systems.
    10: Strong written and fluent verbal English.
    10: Strategic and tactical way of thinking at the same time.
    10: Excellent communication and presentation skills.
    10: Excellent analytical skills.
    9: Test programming experience.
    9: Experience in electronic measurements and digital technologies.
    8: Knowledge of mobile technologies.
    8: Experience in Lean, 6Sigma.


    IT / Telecommunications


    West Hungary

    If you are interested in the position, please send your CV to László Spiller: laszlo@solutions-driven.com
    or call +36 70 313 4818.
    Mutasd a teljes hozzászólást!