Front-end developer (PHP5/JS/Usability/SEO)
  • We’re looking for an experienced front-end developer to join our team. You will be building complex web applications based on PHP on top of a custom JavaScript framework and implement HTML markup and CSS across our sites. You will be working closely with designers, the rest of our development team, marketing and sales teams, SEO and usability experts to create exceptional user experience along with fulfilling business and SEO requirements.
    You will be an active participant of the brainstorming and designing phase as well as the implementation process. This is a place where your ideas will be made real and used by hundreds of thousands of users from 5 different countries every day.

    Required experience:

    * Object-oriented development using PHP 5+
    * As comfortable with writing native JavaScript as with building on frameworks
    * Semantic HTML, CSS, browser issues
    * Understanding of the full web app stack. Database abstraction, request modelling, templating, URL mapping, preferably using PHP and Smarty.
    * Designing websites with usability in mind
    * Agile software development processes, test-driven development, estimation
    * Independent problem-solving skills, ability to write code that scales well
    * MySQL 5+
    * SEO
    * Protecting against browser and web app security exploits
    * Performance optimisation around HTTP requests, bandwidth, rendering, script execution


    * Linux / FreeBSD CLI
    * Subversion


    * Setting up/conducting/evaluating usability tests and optimising for conversion: prototyping, usability test sessions, GWO
    * Setting up and running automated front-end test suites, preferably using Selenium
    * High-volume distributed web applications
    * Memcached
    * Ruby
    * Query and database optimisation for MySQL 5

    Personal skills:

    * Willingness to commit to a goal
    * Ability to work alone and focus on job in hand
    * Openness and clarity in communication
    * Ability to work well in a collaborative team environment
    * Must value quality work and be ready to deliver on commitments (even if it requires extra efforts)

    Language skills:

    * Fluent English is a plus

    What we offer:

    * A great opportunity to be creative, to bring your ideas and prove your skills to the world
    * An opportunity to improve your skills in usability and SEO as well as in development aspects of sales and online marketing
    * You will work for a small company, but as part of a multinational group of e-commerce companies, you will have access to a huge knowledge base
    * A great and helpful team
    * Quiet, nice office, that can easily be reached by car or public transportation

    The job is full time and based near Blaha Lujza tér, Budapest.

    Details here:
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