Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director
  • ISC Webdesign & Consulting is responsible to maintain and redesign / develop a network of Hungarian websites, like the F1 website, a large tourism website, a link directory and a ticketing website for all major events in Hungary.

    Our company is based in the first district of Vienna, near the parliament. Our team consists of young and creative professionals who work to have fun or have fun working for us. Our clients are major players in Hungary and expect a high level of quality and perfectionism, which we constantly deliver to them.

    Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director

    We are looking for Senior Graphic Designer who has mainly experience in web design, knows the difference between print and web design and can work together smoothly with HTML and PHP programmers in a team. You should be able to realize any crazy ideas. Beside your web design skills you should also be able to create full CIs and stunning print productions.

    Your background:
    - 3+ years relevant experience
    - Expert-level skills in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and all the other stuff you need
    - You should be able to create Flash applications and interfaces (ActionScript 3.0)
    - A good knowledge of web design to know what is "in", possible and what not.
    - You should be able to develop WEB 2.0 applications
    - Good experience in print design, cooperation's with printing studios and photographers
    - Experience in working responsible in a team
    - Mother tongue Hungarian, Perfect language skills in either English or German
    - Communicative, outgoing character to integrate in a young team of professionals
    - Know how to spend nights awake with coffee and Red Bull

    How to apply?

    Please send your applications to Your application should be written in either English or German:

    - a full CV with a picture
    - a detailed description of your skills
    - a detailed summary of your work experience, projects you worked on, your job in those projects
    - a short letter about your future plans & your plans how to relocate to Vienna, etc.
    - a short description about yourself (beside the "uninspiring" business CV)

    If your application does not contain everything from above, please don't waste our time as you can be sure we won't invite you to an interview.
    Mutasd a teljes hozzászólást!
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