What began as a joke at work became a full-blown video production when a motley crew of geeks, babes, and everyone in between filmed a parody of Gangnam Style... for tech geeks. Our lyrics describe a software movement ("NoSQL") that offers a viable alternative to mainstream database technologies.

Filming, which spanned November 2012 to January 2013, included exotic California locales such as Monterey, San Francisco, San Carlos, and San Jose. Although the filming of this video was a fun and awesome experience, we also faced adversities such as parenthood, professional obligation, and social responsibility.

Filming in public venues left no room for shyness or embarrassment on set. What word best epitomized the crew? Shameless. Thanks to everyone who participated. Special thanks go to DJ Party for their instrumental version of Gangnam Style (available at Amazon.com).

Also, special thanks to Detonation Films for their explosion footage. Here is the geekiest, and possibly the only educational Gangnam Style parody: NoSQL Style.