Bootstrap téma feltöltése

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Bootstrap téma feltöltése
Csináltam Bootstrappal egy témát és felszeretném tölteni de nem tudok angolul sajnos és a feltételeket nemértem tudnátok segiteni?

If starting from the Bootstrap example pages, remember to remove the comments added by the Bootstrap developers. Your item must not resemble the example pages. Elements from the documentation are allowed but only as examples (such as including a page that shows Bootstrap features within your item) - they may not be used as design elements.
Do not use the default Bootstrap black header bar. If your theme uses the header bar it must not resemble the default bar. Specifically, it may not use the default black gradient and example links.
Do not rename the Bootstrap assets (JavaScript, CSS, and image files).
Make sure to run your HTML through the W3C Markup Validation Service. Pages must be valid HTML5.
For themes that are made up of static HTML pages, make sure the first or main page of your item is named index.html.
Avoid the naming convention introduced when saving a webpage to disk ("somename.html" paired with a folder, "somename_files").
Code should be properly indented. Be consistent with the use of tabs or spaces, including the number of spaces used for indentation.
Fix any JavaScript errors. No JavaScript errors may be present in your item.
Include the minified and non-minified version of the Bootstrap assets.
Custom JavaScript or CSS and LESS styles must be included in files that are separate from the Bootstrap assets.
If your custom CSS or JavaScript is included in a minified form, you must also include the non-minified versions.
Your code - including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and any server-side language code - must not be obfuscated or encrypted (including in the live preview).
No page view or visitor tracking of any kind may be included within your item or its live preview.
Do not include Google Analytics or other example tracking code, with the exception of social sharing buttons (Facebook like button, Twitter tweet button, and so on).
Example images and photographs must be properly licensed. They must be free for inclusion within a commercial product or otherwise free for commercial use. You must include proper attributions within the item description and within a readme text file included in the item .zip file. Attribution must include the name of the author, the type of license the file is distributed under, and a link to the original location where the file can be downloaded.
The same as above applies to third-party icons, fonts, textures and other assets used within your item, including Adobe Photoshop PSD files or other source artwork.
You must check the spelling and grammar used within your item and item description. Your item and description must not contain spelling or serious grammatical errors.
Pay attention to the small details. Make sure things line up.
Make sure your branding is consistent. The name of your item as seen within your item must match the name displayed in the marketplace as well as within the description and documentation.
Avoid complimentary adjectives in your item name and description such as "premium." (Example: "Some Item - Premium Theme")
Remove temporary, scratch, or program and operating system-specific files from your .zip file before submitting it. Examples include:
Scratch or temporary files such as "somefile.html~"
Source code revision control-related files such ".gitignore"
Windows thumbnail cache files ("Thumbs.db")
Mac OS X Desktop Services Store files (".DS_Store" files and "__MACOSX" folders)
Do not reference other marketplace in your readme files or documentation.
Files and folders must be treated as case-sensitive. Make sure the actual file and folder names match with what is used in your code.
Keep the live preview devoid of advertising.
Live preview URLs must be fully resolved to your server. No URL shortening or forwarding services are allowed (e.g.,
Themes may only use Bootstrap. You may not use a mixture of other frameworks, such as Skeleton or HTML5 Boilerplate.
Your item description must use Markdown. You can test and preview your description using the Markdown Dingus tool.
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Ez a téma lezárásra került a moderátor által. A lezárás oka: val�!
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